"One of the biggest issues today is the mobility and transferability of credentials. The registry will be very useful in helping people understand how students can ladder a credential from one program to another."
- Mike Reilly, Executive Director, American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)

Technical Advisory Committee

Jeanne Kitchens
Chair, Associate Director
Phil Barker
Learning Technology Adviser
Kim Bartkus
Executive Director
Deb Bushway
Independent Consultant
Rory Butler
Assistant Dean
Carla Casilli
Co-Facilitator, Connecting Credentials
Kelly Cooper
Associate Vice Chancellor
Daniel D'Alonzo
UX Designer
Grit Denker
Senior Computer Scientist
John Dillow
Director of Client Services
Laurie Dodge
Vice Chancellor, Vice Provost
Michael Ellsworth
Program Director
Lauren Fairley
Workforce Analyst
Jonathan Finkelstein
Francesca Fiore
Assistant Dean
John Foster
Pam Frugoli
O*NET/Competency Assessment Team Lead
Stephen Gance
Policy Associate, eLearning & Open Education
Charles Gaughf
Information Security Officer
Pam Gerassmides
Assistant Executive Director & Workforce Technology Director
Jim Goodell
Senior Analyst
Troy Gorostiza
Isabel Harbaugh
PhD Student
Joe Hobson
CEO, Director of Technology & Innovation
Alex Jackl
Co-Chair of the Academic Credentials Task Force, PESC., Chair, North American Technical Board, A4L
Andy Johnson
Specifications and Standards Manager
Lee Johnston
Associate Vice Chancellor
Joe Kaplan
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Jonathan Kevan
R&D Coordinator
Jim Klo
Senior Software Engineer
Eric Korb
Independent Consultant
Kerri Lemoie
Mark Leuba
CBE Facilitator
Bill McMahon
Project Manager
Steve Midgley
John Milam
Executive Director, Knowledge to Work
Diana Montealegre
CHAMP Instructional Designer
Emad Nasser
Director of Admin, Organizational and Business Effectiveness
Furgan Nazeeri
Amanda Opperman
Director of Competency-Based Solutions
Nate Otto
Interim Director
Simone Ravaioli
Business Development Executive
Daman Regan
External Research Lead
Robby Robson
Chief Executive Officer, Chief Scientist
Jose Salgado
Jarin Schmidt
Patti Schnoor
Technology and Performance Manager
Jessica Scott
Student Career Program Specialist
Matt Shaw
Program Coordinator
Eric Shepherd
Bob Sholtes
Chief Software Architect
Stuart Sutton
Managing Director
Rob Trainer
Vice President, Technology
Susie Vaks Depianto
Sr. Manager
Rayna Valenti
Manager of Communications
Jeffery Von Munkwitz-Smith
Senior Consultant
Renah Wolzinger
Dean of Career Pathways and Dual Enrollment